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Are you yearning for more out of life? If you're at a stage where you've accomplished a lot but still feel an unfulfilled desire for greater joy, creativity, and success, Radiant KimUnity is your beacon of hope.


Imagine a world where you're free from the negativity of others, where your dreams of writing a book, starting a business, or simply enjoying more 'me' time aren't just dreams but achievable goals. This is what Radiant KimUnity offers – a community that nurtures your aspirations and transforms them into tangible realities. It's a space where work-life balance isn't just a concept but a practice and where your happiness doesn't come at the expense of others.


With Radiant KimUnity, you'll tap into the power of manifestation and mindfulness to become the true creator of your life. You'll learn to pursue your dreams fearlessly and build an unwavering confidence. Whether it's about achieving a dream job, creating a meaningful legacy, or just finding more time for yourself, this community is dedicated to helping you overcome procrastination, imposter syndrome, and any limiting beliefs holding you back.


Join Radiant KimUnity today and step into a safe, supportive environment that empowers you to change your life and make your dreams inevitable. It’s not just another membership; it's your bridge from vision to reality. Embrace this opportunity to think bigger and do more than you ever imagined possible. Welcome to the journey of turning your life's potential into a radiant reality.


  • Monthly Masterclass: Transformational masterclass on a variety of topics from manifestation to personal development. Available on demand.
  • Monthly LIVE Coaching and Q & A: Get the coaching you want and all of your questions answered in this live session with Kim Coles
  • Quarterly LIVE Expert Guest Workshops Inspiring guest speakers on relevant topics who will join us along the way.
  • Exclusive Radiant KimUnity Online Community: An exclusive, safe, supportive and empowering community designed for networking, collaboration and celebration.
  • BONUS:Radiant Life Plan-A custom designed journal and planner to empower you on your quest to a Radiant Life.
  • BONUS: Manifest ME Map Workshop -Get clear about your 2024 Manifestation Plan.

What's Included

  • Monthly Masterclass
  • Monthly Live Coaching with Kim Coles
  • Quarterly Live Expert Guest Workshops
  • Exclusive Online Community
  • BONUS: Radiant Life Plan Journal & Planner
  • BONUS: Manifest ME Map Workshop

2 Membership Options 

ADDITIONAL BONUS FOR THE ANNUAL PLAN: When you choose the annual plan you will recieve a one on on clarity coaching call with Kim Coles.


Total Value: $497 per month


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What Radiant KimUnity Members Have To Say!

Being in this group has made such an impact on my life. Watching the meetings in the group and implementing advice from the meetings to other folks has resulted in an abundance of blessings that have been coming my way   I wanted to thank you for all that you have done for the KimUnity, especially in my life!   

 -Minitria  S

There  isn’t  be  enough  time  or  paper  to  be  able  to  adequately  share  with  you  just  how  inspired  and  motivated  I  am  to  be  reconnected  with  my  hopes, dreams,  and  desires. This  opportunity  could  not  have  come  at  a  better  time  for  me.  Like  most  of  us  in  my  age  bracket,  we  go  through  this  thing  where  we  feel  like,  well,  maybe  it's  past  my  time,  you  know,  there  were  a  lot  of  desires  and  dreams  that  were  placed  on  hold  because  there  were  other  things  that  took  precedence  over the  things  that  I  desire  to  manifest  as  my  life  work.   I  realize  now  that  delay  is  not  denial Thank  you,  Kim  Coles  and  the  Radiance  Team,  for  reminding  me  of  that. 

-A.  Marie 

Kim  Coles  is  a  great  coach  She  infuses  humor  and  laughter  and  love  in  her  teachings . She  also  makes  things  bite-sized  so  they're  relatable  and  easy  to  understand  and  implement  and  so  I'm  very  grateful  to  be  a  part  of  the  program.  I've  always  believed  that  if  I  could  dream  it.  I  could  make  it  come  to  pass  or  to  life  but  I  never  really  understood  the  ins  and  outs,  the  hows and  whys.  And  so  I'm  grateful  and  expectant  for  the  remainder  of  this  course  to  give  me  those  keys  and  processes  and  proven  ways  to  use  the  gifts  that  I  already  have. 

-Cyn Diva

This is my confirmation that a journey of many intentional steps will get me to my destination. Really excited about moving forward!

-Carol S

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